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The Organization for Worldwide Education Ltd. (OWWE) was founded in 2006 and is located in Darmstadt, Germany. The OWWE is an independent organization that is committed nationally and internationally to the promotion of education. Believing that education is the key to success, we are involved in three different areas:

Education Consulting

Our international team consists of experienced consultants specializing in consulting universities, universities of applied sciences and private educational institutions through project work, intensive advice and support on their way from founding and accreditation, through the development and approval of new degree programs, to the optimization of internal institutional structures and work processes and to provide support.

Coaching and Seminars

Students, young graduates, returnees and job seekers are supported by our experts keeping a focus on individual needs, coaching and seminars for career entry, re-entry and professional reorientation and prepared for the challenges in a modern and digitalized world of work.

Giving Back

As an organization that is active in the international education sector, we also have a social responsibility towards people who lack educational opportunities. For this reason we are supporting educational projects e.g. through donations and sponsorships with children from different regions worldwide. Would you like to help, too? We would be happy to present organizations and projects that have a lasting positive impact on the living conditions of many people through education.

Our international team stands out through the following qualities:

Expertise – With our expertise, our many years of experience in international education and our intercultural competence, we are your professional partner and companion.

Team Spirit – We are a team of international education experts who successfully combine their skills, work closely with you and respond to your individual needs and ideas.

Creativity – Do you have visions? We use our experience and creativity to design a concept with which we can implement your future plans optimally.

Education Consulting

The Organization for Worldwide Education Ltd. (OWWE) supports public and private educational institutions that need professional support in defining and implementing their international goals and visions in the education sector. The OWWE team consists entirely of education experts who operate from the main branch in Darmstadt. In addition, consultants are also part of our team, which are project-based and operate internationally depending on the country specialization. This ensures that you are looked after on site, but at the same time benefit from the know-how of our specialists worldwide. According to your individual needs, we put together a team that has the relevant experience, expertise and creativity to work out concepts for your visions and implement them optimally.

Our expertise lies in the following areas

Our team of education experts and international consultants specializes in the following areas:

Country-Specific Analysis in International Education

Together with our country experts on site, we analyze the data of the national and local student population with your choice of study and, taking into account development trends in business, politics and education, predict a forecast for future development in the education sector. On the basis of this data, we create an analysis for your potential in student recruitment that takes into account your individual institution, your specific degree programs and your target group of students.

Marketing Strategy Concepts

With you, we define goals for the recruitment of qualified students and advise you on marketing strategies for their successful implementation. We show you how you can impress and convince your target audience with presentations at educational fairs, creating appealing information brochures, targeted press appearances, advertising campaigns, a successful website and the skillful use of social media and online marketing tools.

Optimization of Internal Institutional Structures

We support you in optimizing your internal structures so that work processes can be carried out more efficiently and smoothly. Among other things, we design systems with the help of your administrators to facilitate registration processes and, for example, the processing of online inquiries. We also adapt the admission criteria and the selection process to the recruitment of your desired target group with you. In addition, we will give you suggestions and assistance on how to recruit employees, lecturers and professors who bring their desired qualifications, professional and social skills to your vacant positions.

Expansion of International Cooperation and Networks

The national and international exchange of education and communication among students, lecturers and researchers is extremely enriching and increasingly indispensable for any higher education institution. We would be happy to help you internationalize your campus and find renowned, adequate partner institutions, for example to initiate an international exchange or joint research projects. We will also establish a network of alumni with you so that you and your students can benefit from contact with your alumni in business, politics and science.

Education Laws and Regulations

Our team of experienced consultants will clarify which legal requirements you have to meet when establishing your university or university of applied sciences and will support you through the accreditation process for new faculties and courses. We will also let you know about the latest educational reforms and what impact they have on academic policies and student admissions. We also inform you about subsidy options and state funding.

Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors is an independent committee that supports the Organization of Worldwide Education in its work. Its members come from different disciplines, institutions and organizations and thus bring diverse perspectives and experiences into the discussions about developments, trends and problems in the field of education. Our Board of Advisors meets twice a year. The committee meetings always take place in the first week of December.


OWWE’s excellent work has been a major factor in advancing ICMS’s branding in Europe, resulting in the continuous growth of our student population from Germany. Our relationship with OWWE has been so successful because OWWE fully understands our needs and identifies with ICMS.
R. Courtney – O’Connor

Chief Operating Officer ICMS

OWWE has provided exceptional services as VIU’s regional office in Western Europe. OWWE’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff members have been instrumental in giving VIU a high profile in Europe and in providing a range of high quality support services to prospective students, agents and partner institutions.
Dr. Pike, Dean

International Education VIU

If you are seeking a well-experienced specialist to expand your European network permanently and profit from OWWE’s integrity and network, I can recommend OWWE to you without any hesitation.
M. Diaz

Director International Affairs, National University

From all our European partners and students I only receive positive feedback regarding OWWE’s recruiting efforts which is why I can highly recommend them to any other university to work with. The whole team is doing an amazing job and supports UNCW by providing a first class service to our (future) students daily.
J. Fernandez-Villa

Director, Office of International Students & Scholars, UNCW

Coaching and Seminars

Only those who are constantly developing have the best chances to survive in professional life and in an international environment. This way, you are able to meet the requirements of the modern work life. Our professional trainers bring students, young graduates, returnees and job seekers a step closer to their desired job in practice-oriented seminars through extensive application training.

In our rhetoric seminars, we help you to become confident, to accomplish convincing, fearless presentation skills and a winning style of communication. Our specialists are also happy to come to your company or educational institution for in-house seminars. If you would like individual support and advice, our coaching is just the thing for you. Together with you, we create a plan to work on specific problems and achieve your own personal goals.


Our training seminars are held by trained and experienced trainers and usually take place in small groups on weekends. In general, the seminars mainly deal with the areas of application and rhetoric training, with the focus on the content being different:

Rhetoric Seminars:

  • Selling yourself – confident and confident appearance
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication – choice of words, gestures, facial expressions and posture
  • Behavioral analysis – how do other people see me?
  • Communication techniques – skillful conversation and convincing reasoning
  • Presentations – overcome fears and win others over

As the number of places is limited in order to guarantee support tailored to individual needs and a lively interaction between trainers and seminar participants, early registration is recommended.

Application Seminars: 

  • Targeted job search – efficiently search and analyze advertisements in newspapers, the internet and agencies
  • The perfect resume
  • Writing a cover letter – convince everyone of your motivation, your qualifications, your professional and social skills
  • The interview – make a lasting impression
  • Salary negotiations – negotiate on diplomatic terms


Our coaching offers are targeted to individual counseling and training for people who need individual and intensive professional support for their professional life. Irrelevant of whether you are a job seeker, student, graduate, employee, manager, self-employed or new entrepreneur, we offer coachings that will advance your career. Our experienced coaches can help you to

  • find the job or degree that suits you best
  • prepare for your new job or support you on your way to returning to work
  • rethink yourself professionally
  • improve your leadership style
  • make communication with colleagues and clients more positive and conflict-free
  • give more confident and confident presentations and
  • market your personality and qualifications better.

In a non-binding consultation we find out about the goals you want to achieve through the coaching and determine the scope and content of the coaching according to your personal wishes and needs. Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Giving Back

The Organization for Worldwide Education supports projects in the field of education in order to offer children who have limited access to education due to their place of residence, their financial background or insufficient educational resources, better prospects for the future. As an organization that promotes the dissemination and promotion of education worldwide, we have a responsibility towards people who have inadequate access to education. We also believe that good education can change people’s lives for the better and can contribute to social equality. Origins of injustice, fanaticism, conflicts and wars often lie in ignorance, lack of understanding and poor education systems. Through education, children grow up to be free-thinking, tolerant and independent adults, who have a perspective in life and a real chance to break the cycle of poverty.

With this in mind, we support educational projects and organizations that offer better educational opportunities through financial donations as well as taking on sponsorships of children in various countries.

Would you like to help too? We have thoroughly evaluated the organizations and projects that we present below in detail and deemed them useful and worthy of funding, as they not only offer direct help, but also improve the living conditions and future prospects of many people worldwide. You can make tax donations for some of the organizations we have presented.. Please also consult your tax advisor.

Do you have a worthwhile project in the field of education? Then we would be very happy if you could introduce it to us so that we can check whether it deserves support, corresponds to our principles and goals and if we can provide sufficient financial resources for this.

How to help

On our website we present projects that promote education, and especially children who have insufficient access to educational opportunities, the chance of good education – and thus the prospect of a better future.

School sponsorships, which are generally provided for a period of one year or more, enable a child to go to school and give students a perspective on life. Paying a fixed amount monthly, you finance the costs of the school materials associated with actively visiting the school, e.g. books, notebooks, pens, clean clothes and, depending on the project, even medical care for the child. You can find more information in the individual projects, which we have sorted by country and location, listed on the left for you.

In addition to long-term sponsorships and projects, we would also like to present the following interesting projects that enable you to help on a small scale, so that you can do something good with a limited budget or without a budget.

Purchasing Donations

Many online shops and companies with web presence pay for other websites or search engines to place advertisements from them that link to their own website. For example, if a visitor comes to an online shop via such search engine and orders something there, the website or search engine operator who provided the link usually receives a commission, i.e. a portion of the profit.

The following fundraising projects have used this principle to raise money for charity. If you buy something from one of these websites from selected online retailers, the project operator receives a commission, which is then used for an aid project. You do not incur any additional costs as a result; you pay the same purchase price as if you had visited the website of the respective provider directly and “without detours”. So you can do something good while shopping online.

Clicks 4 Charity

Clicks 4 Charity supports Doctors without Borders, Oxfam Germany, Caritas international, Misereor, Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt, Weltfriedensdienst, Welthungerhilfe, SOS-Kinderdörfer worldwide, Menschen für Menschen, foodwatch, Diakonie, Aktion Deutschland Hilft  or Greenpeace.

Clicks 4 Charity has partnerships with a large number of well-known online-shops. To donate with your purchase through Clicks 4 Charity, simply select one of the charitable organizations on the website as the recipient of the donation and then go on to visit an online shop in which you would like to shop. You will be automatically redirected to the website of the selected online shop and can make your purchase as usual. Of course, this does not result in your purchase price becoming more expensive for you, but the donation is paid by the participating companies to Clicks 4 Charity and then forwarded to the aid organization of your choice.

Gift a Goat

Gift a goat e.V. started in 2006 with a project that should provide sustainable help, i.e. help for self-help for people in Uganda. With the collected donations and the goats donated, land was bought and a goat farm was built. The bred goats are given to needy families after they have gone through a training program.

In the meantime, the project is almost self-sufficient and only occasional external financial support is required. The principle of Gift a goat e.V. is not to create dependencies, but to help people help themselves. However, you can still give away symbolic goats for 25 euros each or donate any other amount. Your contribution comes from securing the goat farm for crop failures and other hardship cases or new projects of the association, i.e. the construction of a school or the development of a sustainable water supply.

Donation receipts and donation certificates can be issued automatically during online processing. You can also have the donor certificate issued under a different name and thus make another person happy.

Internet Resources  

The following websites are worth a visit if you would like to look for further projects or organizations that provide sustainable projects to help and which you can support:


AIPIE 2023

Our OWWE team is thrilled to be participating in this year’s APAIE conference in Bangkok, Thailand from March 13-17, 2023. After three years of virtual conference, this year APAIE is back in person and we are excited to meet long-lasting partners as well as make new...

NAFSA 2023

One of the highlights of the OWWE calendar in 2023 is the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo in Washington DC, USA from May 30 – June 2nd, 2023. Deepening and strengthening the international partnerships and relations has always been OWWE’s primary task and we were...

EAIE 2023

The 33rd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition will take place on September 26-29, 2023 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Mark your calendars for Europe’s international higher education event with the theme “Connecting currents”. Having managed through the past pandemic...

APAIE 2020

This year, the APAIE conference will take place at Vancouver – a vivid metropolis with tight connections to the Asian continent. This connection can be found in the 2020 motto of the conference: Bridging Oceans. More than that, APAIE will again be an excellent...

NAFSA 2019

NAFSA conference 2019 attracted many thousands of visitors to the US capital this year, right into the heart of the United States – to Washington D.C. Under this year’s motto “Global Leadership, Learning, and Change”, the exchange and networking of all participants...

EAIE 2019

In September 2019, the European conference EAIE took place in Helsinki Finland from Sept 24 – Sept 27 2019. Europe’s largest international higher education conference assembles a variety of European educating institutions and higher education representatives as well...


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