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NAFSA 2018

NAFSA 2018 (National Association of Foreign Student Advisers) once again attracted thousands of visitors from all over the globe. The world’s largest education conference NAFSA is a major platform for thousands of people working in the international education environment. In May, visitors made their way to the east coast of North America, to Philadelphia, the former capital of the United States.

In 2018, the NAFSA conference took place under the motto “Diverse Voices, Shared Commitment”, which discusses and highlights the power and strength of various multi-cultural voices. Different voices with different cultural backgrounds often cause the world to find previously unknown solutions. This metaphor translates well into the community of international education: many global problems can only be mastered together in collaboration and mutual trust.

During the conference, the associates were excited to attend numerous workshops and meetings during the day, while evening receptions were a great opportunity to expand existing networks. This year, the associates were happy to attend both the Australian and the Canadian receptions in Philadelphia.

A well-established tradition, the yearly NAFSA Associate’s Dinner, was once again a great success and left all partners motivated and excited for the year to come.

The Associates of the Organization for Worldwide Education also took the opportunity in Philadelphia to expand their existing network and form new partnerships. As a positive aspect, it should also be noted that newly-formed acquaintances can often be further consolidated within about 2 months at the EAIE in Geneva.