The Organization for Worldwide Education (OWWE) was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Darmstadt. OWWE is an independent organization which focuses on supporting and promoting education nationally and internationally. Convinced by the notion that education is the key to success, OWWE operates in three distinctive areas:

Education Consulting

Our international team consisting of experienced consultants is specialized in assisting universities and private institutions of higher education. We provide support by offering you intensive guidance and consulting ranging from establishing and accrediting a new institution, developing and obtaining official approval for new degree courses and optimizing internal structures and workflows.

Coaching and Seminars

Through seminars and coaching sessions tailored to individual needs, our experts prepare students, graduates, young professionals and job-seekers for the professional world, their career or their own professional reorientation and the challenges of our modern business world.



Giving back

As an organization operating in the field of international education, we are well aware of and feel responsible for other people with poor opportunities for education. Our scope is therefore to support educational projects through donations and sponsorships for children from all over the world. Would you also like to help? OWWE introduces you to different organizations and projects, which have positively changed the life of many people through education.